A Place of Worship

I was four years old, when I literally became aware of the calling God had on my life. Since that tender age, I was adamant that I would be used by God, to do great exploits in His name, but little did I know how He will bring it about.

And so, after school, I enrolled in an Academic Program at a local National University, to become a Minister of Religion in a large Christian Denomination in South Africa. However,  my parents did not have the financial means to keep me at the University, and all attempts to secure a bursary, failed. Within a year, I had to discontinue my studies, pack away my dream, and started working as a journalist at a local newspaper. I February 1980, I started with compulsory Military Service and stayed on for 4 years, after which I joined a local Law Enforcement Agency.

Although my first attempt to enter full-time Ministry failed, the call upon my life remained evident and grew stronger day by day. So much so, that each time I visited a Church, the Spirit of the Lord would come strongly upon someone in the meeting, and they would walk up to me, or call me out and prophesy over my life, calling me into full-time Ministry. This continued like clock-work over a period of almost 20 years!

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