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About the author

First and foremost, I am a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled child of the most high God. I reside in a City called Benoni, situated in the Province of Gauteng, in the Republic of South Africa. I have been living in this City since 1983 and consider it my mission to bring God’s Redemption to this Community.

I am married to Jacqueline and we have two beautiful children, Joshua and Monique, both adopted since infancy. We serve as founders and senior Pastors in a local Church, simply known as “A Place of Worship”. During February 2017 we both felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to change the name of our local Assembly to “The War Room – Benoni, South Africa to match our mandate.

We are a passionate group of people, who operates very strongly in the Prophetic and enjoy God’s Presence during long and intense worship services and sessions. The local assembly was established in 1998 when we started services at our home, in Benoni, and falls under our International Ministry, “Commissioned to Evangelize Ministries, also founded by us, in 1998.

International Ministry

Apart from my local functionality, I travel to Russia as frequently as up to four times per year to host Prophetic Conferences, sessions, schools, seminars and meetings all over the Nation. We are strongly connected to the Evangelical Christian Churches in Russia and God is opening new areas and Cities to us each time we visit the Country. In 2012 I visited only one region and today I travel to Churches over a radius of more than 3000 kilometers during my visits.

Our local Involvement

Benoni – Son of my sorrow

The City where we are based, derived it’s name from the Bible and specifically from Genesis Chapter 35. Jacob’s wife, Rachel died in the process of giving birth to their last son and as she was busy dying, she name him Ben-oni meaning son of my sorrows. After she passed away, his father renamed him Benjamin, meaning son of my right hand.

You can imagine living in a City with such a name, mus have an impact on the spiritual atmosphere of the area and that is probably why the area is called “the graveyard of churches”. It is said that Benoni is one of the most difficult areas to successfully plant and operate a church, especially churches who operate within the prophetic realm. Having been in the prophetic ministry for approximately 20 years and being based within Benoni has proved to be an absolute war zone! What made us push in deeper and stand stronger than we probably would have, was the testimony we heard during the early days of our ministry:

An encouraging Prophetic Word:

According to various reports which reached us from different sources over many years, the following is said about Benoni.

During the early 1980’s at a prayer meeting held in Canada, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to those in attendance, telling them that a world-wide revival will touch the earth in the coming years and that the fire of that revival will start in a place called Benoni.

Apparently no-one in attendance knew about the existence of such a place and upon further investigations they discovered it was a town in the heart of South Africa.

During the same time, without knowing about this prophecy, a group a Christians from various Churches decided to type Scriptures out on small pieces of paper, roll it up, and placed in inside of balloons, filled with helium. These balloons were released from a specific piece of land in Benoni, as a token of the spreading of the Gospel. Some time later they heard of someone in a Town over 100 kilometres away who find one of these Scriptures that was carried in these balloons just as he was about to commit suicide! Finding the Scripture saved his life!

Years later, after we have planted our Church on a specific piece of land which God pointed out to us, we were told the balloons were released from our piece of land. The day they decided to release the balloons, it was just a vacant piece of property.

Interesting, when God showed us this piece of land at the end of 1999 and told us to plant a Ministry on it, from where He will reach and revive the Nations,we knew nothing of the prophecy or the balloons. At this stage the land was used by satanists as their headquarters from where they worshipped the devil!

As we stepped onto the ground, it unleashed a battle which has been ragging against God’s plans to reach the Nations through us, for the past almost 20 years! It however transformed us from local Pastors, into strong, authoritative, militant prophetic warriors.

Join us as we take our rightful places, in Christ Jesus and march on into our Communities, Cities and Nations to set the captives free. Let us advance His Kingdom at every opportunity we get and let us demolish strongholds and break open prison doors wherever we find it to be in operation.

We serve King Jesus with all we are and with everything we have.

If you want to know more about our Ministry, kindly email us directly at wjdutoitbenoni@gmail.com.

You can also connect with us via our Facebook link on this website. My personal page on Facebook is Willie du Toit Benoni  and our ministry page: Prophetic Grace by Willie du Toit.

Once again, welcome to my online Ministry!

Willie du Toit – Site Owner