About Us

First and foremost, I am a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled child of the most high God. I reside in a City called Benoni, situated in the Province of Gauteng, in the Republic of South Africa. I have been living in this City since 1983 and consider it my mission to bring God’s Redemption to this Community.

I am married to Jacqueline and we have two beautiful children, Joshua and Monique, both adopted since infancy. We serve as founders and senior Pastors in a local Church, simply known as “A Place of Worship”. We are a passionate group of people, who operates very strongly in the Prophetic and enjoy God’s Presence during long and intense worship services and sessions. The local assembly was established in 1998 when we started services at our home, in Benoni, and falls under our International Ministry, “Commissioned to Evangelize Ministries, also founded by us, in 1998.

Benoni – Son of my sorrow

According to various reports which reached us from different sources over many years, the following is said about Benoni.

During the early 1980’s at a prayer meeting held in Canada, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to those in attendance, telling them that a world-wide revival will touch the earth in the coming years and that the fire for that revival will start in a place called Benoni. Apparently no-one in attendance knew about the existence of such a place and upon further investigations they discovered it was a town in the heart of South Africa.


Building Bridges to bring Communities together!