Launching of our Prophetic Platform

Great news! On Saturday the 15th of September 2018 we will launch the Prophetic Connexion Network with the hosting of a Prophetic Workshop at our venue in Benoni, South Africa. The aim of this platform will be to bring like-minded people together and to claim our Nation and the Nations of the World for our Lord Jesus Christ. We will form working relationships between individuals, groups, Churches and Ministries to encourage, strengthen and support each other in our Mission to bring God’s authority and rulership into our various places of influence.

Some Background

During October 2003 I spent time in separation with God on a mountain in South Korea when He told me to raise an army that will change the Nations. I will share more about this during our Prophetic Workshop on the 15th of September as I believe that the time to launch out as Prophetic vessels has arrived . You can also visit our website at for more information.

Our gathering will be at the War Room in Benoni South Africa. If you are interested in joining us for this event, kindly email me directly at

We are also planning to launch our official website for this network on that day. The network will be known as The Prophetic Connexion Network and will offer covering, support and training to all who would like to be part of this group. We will also have regular meetings all over the World to encourage, train, equip and support God’s children.

I hope to see you all soon as we join this battle over the souls in our Nations.  We know the victory is ours because of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the finished work of the cross!