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I’m online!

For some time, I have been basically without much space on the worldwide web. I can remember a few years ago when I first discovered the value of websites.

I used to sit for days designing websites, blogs and online forums. I wrote many articles, compiled some electronic books also known as e-books, and eagerly and excitedly posted my latest creations on the web.

And then, as on fire as I was, I somehow cooled down and basically lost interest in this part of marketing my skills, abilities and display my passion for life, online. I barely managed to keep a Facebook page running, but all my websites became dormant and stagnated.

I must however add, that while I did not maintain a high electronic visibility, I continued to do what I enjoy most, enriching people’s lives! During these times in hiding from the worldwide web, one of the most frequent questions I received was from people all over the world, wanting to know where they could connect with me electronically and get access to my material, manuals, books and writings.

Great news to those who know me and have been asking for an electronic platform, here it is! For those who never met me, please browse around and see if you could find something worthwhile on the platform!

The aim of this site will be to interact online with my friends, family and the international Community I so value and appreciate and to share my thoughts, hopes, dreams, expertise and passion to those who would like to be part of my awesome journey here on earth.

As time progress, I hope to fill this site with thought provoking material which will radically transform our lives and enrich us so that we can all become a blessing to those around us.

Finding something worthwhile to follow!

Not everyone you meet, will necessarily add value to your life. It is therefore most important that we examine our encounters, weigh our involvement and measure our participation with about everything we spend our time on.

Especially when we meet people, a gift known as discernment becomes very valuable as people have a tremendous impact on our lives.  Although we need to be fair and civil to everyone, as all deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, we need to wise in whom we allow to have a definite influence on us.

As a guide, I am posting some pointers I have discovered recently which could be of some value to you. I am not the author of these points and simply re-post them for your benefit:

6 Characteristics of Spiritual leaders.

What kind of perspective must a leader have to place high value on these kinds of strategies? Jesus was not a manager. His primary role was to function as a spiritual leader.

Not all leaders in religious organizations are spiritual leaders. This is not a criticism as much as a distinction. Distinguishing spiritual leadership from other forms of leadership can free people from unrealistic expectations of some leaders.

At the same time, making this distinction can help identify who the spiritual leaders in your organization are. Here are six characteristics that identify most spiritual leaders:

  1. They lead others into their own encounters with God. One of the most effective things about Jesus’ lifestyle was that He didn’t switch into another mode to introduce His disciples to the reality of God.

Whether standing in the synagogue or picking wheat along the path, interacting with the Father was so natural that others around Him could not help but do the same. Whether a spiritual leader is training a new employee or working through a difficult conflict resolution, his followers will discover their own connection to God more deeply in the process.

  1. They lead others to discover their own purpose and identity. Spiritual leadership is characterized by great generosity. A spiritual leader genuinely wants others to fully discover who they were made to be.

Workplace issues and strategic development become tools to help followers discover their own identity and overcome obstacles standing in their way. People functioning in an area of their created identity and strength will always be more productive than those who are simply trying to fill a position or role.

  1. They lead others into transformation—not just production. When the goal is spiritual growth and health, production will always be a natural outcome. People function at their peak when they function out of identity.

Helping your followers discover that their own transformation can happen on the job will engender loyalty and a high level of morale. Spiritual leadership fosters passion in those who follow. Passion is the ingredient that moves people and organizations from production to transformational impact.

  1. They impact their atmosphere. While we may not stop a tempest with our words, spiritual leaders recognize that they can change the “temperature” of a room, interaction, or relationship.

Changing the atmosphere is like casting vision, only it is immediate. When there is tension, fear, or apathy, a spiritual leader can transform the immediate power of these storms and restore vision, vitality and hope. A spiritual leader can fill a room with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and gentleness, even while speaking hard things.

  1. They help people see old things in new ways. Many people are stuck not in their circumstances, but in their perspectives and paradigms. The word “repent” means “to think differently, or to think in a different way.” Jesus called people to look again at old realities through new eyes. Changing ways of thinking always precedes meaningful change.
  2. They gain a following because of who they are—not because of a position they hold. Spiritual leaders can be found in secular organizations, in the same way managers and organizational leaders can be found in religious ones.

Spiritual leaders influence more than they direct, and they inspire more than they instruct. They intuitively recognize that they are serving something—and Someone—larger than themselves and their own objectives.

*Michael Hyatt