Where are the true Prophets?

The price of the Prophet…

Compiled by: Willie du Toit

Lights, Camera, Action!

Great! So you want to be a prophet. Well done, just step into the cubicle, let us quickly put on your make-up, style your hair and when you are done this side, just follow the signs to the section marked “wardrobe”, there you can choose your mantle…

Just be careful when you step out into the lights, people go crazy when they see a prophet, they will want to get as close as possible to you, and after the meeting, be sure to prepare yourself to be flooded with accolades and awards for your awesome contribution to make tonight a memorable one!  O, and please don’t forget to stick to the script, we have spent thousands on advertising, so those in attendance are expecting to hear about prosperity, as this is the theme of tonight. Speak positive, people don’t like to hear about sin and those unimportant things.  They deal enough with issues during the week, tonight is their night, please don’t let us down!

Come on, hurry up guys, the place is packed! Wow, did we make the right choice to hire a prophet for this weekend! There is such a buzz in the air; there are even people in the audience we haven’t seen for ages! O, before I completely forget, remember to mention our great offer to those who will give a hundred dollars or more as a special gift tonight under this special anointing…

“Lights, Camera and action!”

Man to be a prophet is an awesome experience, so much attention, so many opportunities, so much hype! I am sure glad I have not chosen to be a Pastor or any one of the other ministry jobs!

You may laugh right now, but as an introduction, I wanted to really get your attention, as true prophets must cherish every opportunity they get to impart the truth, before they are withdrawn from the scene for lengthy periods, with hardly anyone wondering how they are doing and if they are in fact still alive!  Every true prophet of God knows this, there is no glamour, there is no hype, at least not for them, there are surely no accolades, and rewards as some may think of, as rewards, as the price of a true prophet is not determined this side of life.

True prophets know, that when they leave the stage, and they have delivered the message, they return to being very lonely, almost to a place of feeling totally rejected, unwelcome to earth, and unsure of the validity of their existence.

When the assignment is done, to them it is more like, when the cameras are switched off, and the lights are turned down, and everybody is stunned over the word, that they know they have to adhere to the call of the Voice, back into the wilderness, at the brook of Cherith, where at least they know, they are on heaven’s payroll.  Heaven will provide, heaven will bring what is necessary for their sustenance, as prophets walk outside the system of human support, they exist outside the boundaries of natural provision.

When these messengers from Heaven’s hallways enter a city to complete an assignment, people are already instructed to take care of them whilst they are there, but when they leave that city, not many wonder where they go, how they survive and who takes care of them.  It is during these seasons when they are hidden from public view, that bread is given to them from heaven, meat is provided from the unseen realm, and water granted from the rock.  Sometimes, those living in the cities of human support forget about the price of a prophet, they forget of the long, lonely days and nights in the backside of the desert with only the ravens as carriers of much needed provision, with surroundings threatening to squeeze the very life from your body.  Prophets are designed to live this way, not by choice though, but by design.  They are crafted to withstand intense surroundings, difficult seasons and impossible situations.

Let’s just take a quick look at the life of the Prophet Elijah. We read in 1 Kings chapter 17 verses 1 to 10 how he made his appearance as if from nowhere, introducing himself to King Ahab by telling him he came straight from God’s presence with a mandate outside of human ability. On delivery of his message, God told him to disappear from sight for a while and to wait for heaven’s provision and next instructions. John the Baptist, who came in the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way for the coming Messiah, is perhaps one of the most clearest examples of how God prepares His prophets for their assignments:

      “And the child grew and became strong in spirit and was in the deserts until the day of his showing to Israel.” (Luke 1:80 NKJV)


Since I became aware of God’s call on my life, to serve Him in a prophetic capacity, I gradually discovered that God is as His Word states, “the same yesterday, today and forever”, including His methods of preparation!

O, yes, many nights these prophets weep for things to change, as they often watch the life within the cities of human support, from a distance, they move closer, unnoticed they move closer, to watch the warmth, the safety and the security of city life, with tears in their eyes.  They sit just outside the circle of friendship, just outside the circle of fellowship, on the edge of membership, they sit and they watch how easy life can be.  Their tears drip down their cheeks, flowing down the sides of their faces and rain down on their burdened shoulders.  For a moment, they dream of being part of the festivities of the city, for a split second they contemplate to throw down their mantle and run into the safety of the city.  There was a time when they were one of them…

A time when they could sit at a table loaded with all the great things from the market, when they enjoyed the rewards of the system, but it all changed when that restless feeling began to become evident in their hearts.  At first, it was just a feeling, here now and just as suddenly it was gone.  Often they would stare into the dark, away from the fire, burning in the circle of festivity, staring into the distance as if something called them to a place beyond their reach.  Over a period of time, the feeling came and lingered a bit longer, and the stares into the distance turned out to be more than just a stare into nowhere as visions replaced the dark, void face of the night.  Visions of God, His Kingdom and His people.  The feeling in their hearts turned into a cry from much deeper within, than anything ever before.  Eventually, that cry became a Call, so clear, so urgent, so intense, so strong, that no position, privilege, people, place or provision, could keep them back.  They simply knew they had to go.  They had to obey, no matter the price, no matter the cost.  At first, they gradually move towards the edge of the circle of comfort, not sure of what lies ahead.  As they progress, the Voice of their calling, audible vaguely in the distance, with the sounds of the city of human support’s festivities still ringing in their ears.  Something in the Voice, beckoning them to hurry up the process of their surrender, makes them pick up speed.  At times they stop, look over their shoulders, wondering if they have heard correctly, only to hear the Voice coming to them much stronger, much clearer.

These are the men and women, called by God to be His Voice to the Nations.  Their assignments are designed outside of time, and assigned to them inside of time.  They are called from the safety and comfort of systems to operate without the support of any systems.  They are sifted and then shifted, taken and then shaken, awoken and then broken, scolded and then moulded, until they are fit for the Master’s use. What they looked like when they were called hardly resembles anything into which they have been turned.  Are you such a one, coming from the wilderness to deliver His word, knowing that when all is said and done, to the brook you will return?

Knowing that those you are assigned to go and touch, will soon after you have left, continue to enjoy the comfort of their surroundings, while you sit alone, waiting for the ravens to come, and waiting for the brook to yield its water for your thirsty lips.  Sitting there under the lonely skies, ears tuned into the Voice of your call, waiting, waiting for Him to release you for another while…

You know you must wait, cannot release yourself and at times when the ravens stay away a little longer than you expect, and the brook runs low, you almost want to ask Him, isn’t it time again for me to go?

This is the lot and life of the true prophet, it has been like this for centuries before, and I believe this is the life He needs even now.  Prophets are not easy to father, they are not easy contain, they are not easy to understand.  They are designed to cross the barriers of time, step over the limitations of man, reach into the future to touch the present and dig into the past to heal today for the release of tomorrow.  There is no lights, no camera but boy, there sure is a great deal of action!

Have you had this restless feeling deep down inside? Do you often stare away from the business of systematic religious activities, knowing somewhere out there on the horizon awaits your vision, your assignment, your true purpose?

If this is your experience, then maybe, just maybe you have the calling of the prophetic upon your life!









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